The program includes mandatory availability for coaching and well as networking dinners every week for all founders. These meetings include experts from our advisory and mentor network, including: industry leaders, well known entrepreneurs and specialists (such as communication / marketing, design, branding, social media, public relations, sales, patents, regulatory issues, lawyers, economists, packaging,  etc, etc …) who can help with specific business questions.

During the program, every startup is introduced to our advisor and mentor network, which we believe can help to accelerate your startup.

Extended Sony mentor support

Since the start of the H2B program, we have had the kind support from mentors from Sony, and this guidance has been greatly appreciated by the participating H2B startup teams. We are now extending the collaboration with Sony through its own acceleration and incubation program. Through this program we will get extended mentor support and there will also be an opportunity for H2B teams to meet and interact with Sony’s incubation teams to exchange experiences.